Gymea Bay Baths


Gymea Baths (Ellesmere Road, Gymea) are heritage listed.  This is a fab spot and a bit hard to find, which is a good thing as not to many people will know this is here.  I missed the entrance the first time.  You can drive down the drive way to the right of this sign post.  However, there are only a few car spots so if its a hot day you will probably need ‘to walk down the short (steep) drive way. Once you get to the bottom this is what you discover.  You can get to Gymea by train and then take the 974 bus (Veolia Transport) directly to the top of the drive way to the Baths.


A fab little private bay.


1065814_10151825550570739_814826831_o (1)

I visited in the middle of July so the only ones swimming were these two dogs. If you are keen they run swimming races every Saturday morning between March and October.


Great spot.



A bit of a walk up hill back to your car or the bus! 


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