Sydney has some of the greatest rockpools and harbour tidal pools in the world, come and enjoy them with me.


The idea of rock pools in Australia has its beginnings from as early as 1819 in Newcastle, the British colony of New South Wales. The Commandant and Magistrate of Newcastle at that time, Major James Morisset, ordered that a protected bathing pool to be constructed through the hard labour of the resident convicts for his personal use.

Originally referred to the “Commandant’s Baths” due to Major Morisset being the longest  serving commandant of Newcastle, the name “Bogey Hole” came into usage sometime after, the origin of the name said to be from the local indigenous Dharawal people, meaning “to bathe”.

Further construction of rock pools were from community subscriptions or government funded public works. In the early 20th century, two privately constructed rock pools were funded by real estate developers to attract land sales in the local areas of Coogee’s Wylies’s Baths (1907) and Gosford’s Pearl Beach Rock Pool (1920’s).

Today, there are a great variety of rock pools, harbour and ocean baths in the Sydney area that boasts great iconic views for everyone to enjoy.