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Parsley Bay

9 Jan

ImageThis may just be my favourite swimming spot in the harbour!  Big call!  Only locals really know about this place and it is glorious with a high tide.  You can swim off the rocks or from the beach.  

ImageWe swam from these rocks, excellent.  Don’t forget your goggles.


6 Dec

So I think I have found them all!  I used Google Earth, very good tool for this.  As there are a couple of distinct geographical markers I have divided the total number into three sections.

Cronulla to Bondi, Manly to Palm Beach, Sydney Harbour  inside the Heads.  South Head and North Head split the ocean side and I have basically zoomed around from inside the harbour from North Head to South Head.

There are different kinds of ‘pools’ which have made the list, rock pools, netted tidal baths, and baths enclosed in boardwalks.

I have counted 49 in total.  Stay tuned for the location list.


Hello world!

30 Nov

I’ve started this blog to share all of the rock pools and tidal pools found in Sydney.  A friend of mine said they didn’t know we had any!   There are over 60 of these delightful places to swim in Sydney.  So please watch this space as I provide information and personal experience from each unique and delightful ‘swim hole’ as I will be visiting each pool in no particular order or time frame.