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Gymea Bay Baths

14 Dec

1070658_10151825562680739_1213774176_o Gymea Baths (Ellesmere Road, Gymea) are heritage listed.  This is a fab spot and a bit hard to find, which is a good thing as not to many people will know this is here.  I missed the entrance the first time.  You can drive down the drive way to the right of this sign post.  However, there are only a few car spots so if its a hot day you will probably need ‘to walk down the short (steep) drive way. Once you get to the bottom this is what you discover.  You can get to Gymea by train and then take the 974 bus (Veolia Transport) directly to the top of the drive way to the Baths.

1065776_10151825550415739_513556757_o A fab little private bay.1070859_10151825552545739_870159181_o

1065814_10151825550570739_814826831_o (1) I visited in the middle of July so the only ones swimming were these two dogs. If you are keen they run swimming races every Saturday morning between March and October.

1020990_10151825554580739_1846828139_o Great spot. 1066372_10151825553355739_1872741618_o

A bit of a walk up hill back to your car or the bus! 1058422_10151825554835739_1052489975_o

Gymea to Bondi

12 Dec

Gymea Bay Baths

Gunamatta Bay Bathes


Oak Park Rock Pool

Shelley Beach Rock Pool

Cronulla Tidal Pool

Cronulla Rock Pool

Malabar Pool

South Maroubra Rock Pool

Mahon Pool North Maroubra

Whylie Baths Coogee

Coogie Women & Children Only Rock Pool

Bronte Pool

Wally Weekes Pool North Bondi

Gunamatta Bay Bathes

12 Dec


Entry is at Gunamatta Park via Nicholson Parade, Cronulla.  These baths were originally built in 1915 and were then demolished and rebuilt to the current form in 1939.  The Park is directly behind Cronulla Station so very easy to access.  A bit exposed to the wind, the day I visited it was very windy and not that pleasant.




6 Dec

So I think I have found them all!  I used Google Earth, very good tool for this.  As there are a couple of distinct geographical markers I have divided the total number into three sections.

Cronulla to Bondi, Manly to Palm Beach, Sydney Harbour  inside the Heads.  South Head and North Head split the ocean side and I have basically zoomed around from inside the harbour from North Head to South Head.

There are different kinds of ‘pools’ which have made the list, rock pools, netted tidal baths, and baths enclosed in boardwalks.

I have counted 49 in total.  Stay tuned for the location list.